Namn : John Doe
Instrument : Bass, Kör
Utrustning : Greco Thunderbird non-reverse

Born in the suburbs John crawled out of the dust in the early 70-ties.
Inspired by the darkness of his youth he started to explore the murky sounds.
In the late 80-ties John simply disappeared. Rumors said he’d become a mercenary,
got caught and was held as prisoner in a dark cave in Lybia. Late 2014 he turned up in the Monstrous line-up.

Musikaliska influenser : Iggy, Lemmy, Twiggy
Favoritdricka :
Favoritband : The Stooges
Favoritfilm : The Misfits Brigade, Wheels of Terror
Coolaste superhjälte : Papa Smurf
Världens bästa lag : AIK
Drömbil : Batmobile

(c) Monstrous 2017